Sunday, February 8, 2009

MCB = Mesra, Cepat, Betul

Since I was in secondary school, I always like to put long words in short forms. So, as I read the motto of our Malaysia police force, I read it as MCB. I was like "LOL? Sounds very fimiliar". If you are living in Malaysia and you don't know what the other MCB stands for, try asking your Chinese friends. I recommend you to ask your Chinese friends who are born in this generation because the older generation might not know what it stands for. Well, you can try asking your Malay or Indian friends too. My Malay and Indian friends did know what it is and some of them used it quite often too XD.

Another alternative to find what MCB stands for. Play DotA! Or go to any cyber cafes! Either you will see the word MCB or you will hear the word MCB. All the best ^.^

It seems like there are more patrol cars on the road in KL recently. I wonder why.. Maybe cause the petrol price is cheap? 'Ronda-ronda' (patrolling) also quite fun sometimes, plus no need to worry bout petrol price. :D Hope the police are chasing criminals not going to coffee shops. No offense to the police force, they are there to keep Malaysia safe! And to 'jaga our rumah' (take care of our house) during Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, or Deepavali!!

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