Friday, May 1, 2009

Toys Works Collection 2.5 Toradora!

Series: Toradora
Company: Toys Works
Price: 8,160 Yen, 12 boxes (680 Yen each)
Scale: Non
Height: Approximately 70mm
Release Date: August 2009
Details: 10 kinds + 1 secret

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rempit In Cyber Cafe?

Uni Life Chapter 49

LOL! After DotA-ing in cybercafe I saw this fellow.. Sorry for the low quality picture. So for those who didn't get it. He was wearing his motorbike helmet while playing in cybercafe.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No More Parking Lah!

Uni Life Chapter 48

Lunch time! Who driving? Everybody shake their heads.. Why? Don't want drive cause don't want waste petrol? No no no.. Wrong wrong.. Don't want to drive cause later come back no parking space =.=" LOL

Our honourable friend. Drove his adorable friends. Came back so miserable. Cause have to park on the horrible grass. XD

Alter Yagyu Jubei Opened For Reservation

Name: Yagyu Jubei
Series: Hyakka Ryoran
Company: Alter
Price: 7,800 Yen
Scale: 1 / 8
Height: Approximately 220mm
Release Date: August 2009

*picture taken from Hobby Search*

Good Smile Company Hatsune Miku: World Is Mine Opened For Reservation

Brown Frame

Natural Frame

Series: Character Vocal Series: Hatsune Miku
Price: 8,800 Yen
Scale: 1 / 8
Release Date: September 2009

*more information and pictures at gsc-mikatan*

Monday, April 27, 2009

Good Smile Company Nankyoku Sakura Released

*more information and pictures at gsc-mikatan*

Good Smile Company Holo Released

*more information and pictures at gsc-mikatan*

Gift Yoko Released

*more information and pictures at gsc-mikatan*

Kotobukiya Katsura Kotonoha Opened For Reservation

Name: Katsura Kotonoha
Series: School Days
Company: Kotobukiya
Price: 7,140 Yen
Scale: 1 / 8
Height: Approximately 190mm
Release Date: July 2009

Impatient Students Using The Elevator

Uni Life Chapter 47

Have you ever tried to find out how does it looks like to force open an elevator when it is moving?

Energetic students use stairs. Lazy students use elevator. Impatient students use elevator and open the elevator door themselves =.="

Its just one floor and they couldn't wait. Force open the doors and you can see some electronic parts. Hold it much longer and you will hear the alarm ring.

Still don't want to let go? Mr Azlan (head of security) or Mr Zainal (neck of security) will come and clamp your leg. Pay RM50.00 to un-clamp XD