Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wan Tan Mee For Main Course, DotA For Desserts

Uni Life Chapter 6

E&E's 'makan (eat) gathering'! Today almost the whole gang went to eat at.. what they say, the best 'wan tan mee' in Semenyih town. For simplicity and identity protection, I will called them with their nicknames (sometimes I use it in uni to call them) XD. Clockwise direction starting from the guy with the black t-shirt, White Chicken/ Dota King, Frankie, Stripper, Dicky, Study Ass, Active Driver Safety System, Otaku, and Cuci. Some of them have stories behind their nicknames LOL.

Came in one gang like want to rob the store.. XD

Dota King style of eating 'wan tan mee'.. LOL.. But he got his share of 'wan tan mee'. When my turn to order.. they say out of stock =.="

Curry attack on Study Ass even before the order was taken.. =.="

After our stomaches were filled. We went to a cyber cafe in Semenyih for our desserts.. DotA

Top E&E year 1 Nottingham DotA players o.O

There were only six of us, so we dicided to play a 3 on 3 match. First round we won.. Benz, Otaku, and DotA quitter won against SadOxz, t(-.-t), and Noobydick.

Second round we lost. Noobydick, SadOxz, and t(-.-t) won against jonanchan, Otaku, and Benz. So its a draw ^^

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