Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reserve Forest Cut Down?

Summer Break Life Chapter 1

Went to chop down some forest yesterday XD It feels great man!



Fortunately for me, the whole forest was able to fit in the garbage bag :D

Oh well, it was some mini 'forest' in the front yard of the rented house

Love nature, protect nature, be nature.. LOL

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer Project 1 (Gundam GP01)

Summer break has arrived! And I should get myself busy with some model kits :D Well, I guess I will start off with Gundams since the stocks are increasing but none of them seems to be out on display XD

Its been a while since I touch the tools, equipments, materials, etc etc.. Don't really remember where I kept them. Did some digging.. Dig here and there..

So many bottles of paints in the toolbox? Still got dozens of them in the cupboard =.=" Don't even want to count the worth of it. Scare later regret spending so much on paints XD

Guess what =.=" I don't have GP01 decals.. Have to order from Samuel Decal then..

Anyway, found back most of the stuffs. Its everywhere =.="