Saturday, March 7, 2009

Good Smile Company Hime Received

Woo hoo!! At last! One of my most favourite figures is now in my hands ^^ Went to collect Hime just now. May be tomorrow will take her out of the box XD

Figma Kyon's Sister

Figma Kyon's sister! Finally someone manage to design her! Read more at figma blog.

And.. A well made Figma Taiga

Hobbydog's Figures And Garage Kits

Check out some of Hobbydog's figures and garage kits. Read more at hobbydog.

Chaos Head Rimi Figure

Chaos Head Rimi figure release with the DVD of Shibuya carnage anime Chaos Head.

Doesn't really look like Rimi though

Read more at livedoor blog.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Six Packs Brain

Uni Life Chapter 24

What a stressful week! Just barely manage to finish my blog assignment today which the due date is today. Wonderful right? Finished on time. But that is not all.. Still got three lab reports to write =.=" Wait wait.. that is not all also.. Next week got test !@#$% Every time exercising my brain XD

I think my brain got six packs.. don't you think so? LOL Ok la.. Not me only. Most of the engineering students XD

You think this is good? Wait till you see our brains! LOL

Figma Miku

Check this out! Figma Miku's new face LOL Honestly I prefer this to the current Figma Miku's face.

Read more at gsc-mikatan.

Aren't Engineers Creative?

Uni Life Chapter 23

When classes are too boring..
Engineering students doing nothing..
This is what happens when they start drawing..

Thinking about Chinese New Year season where they always eat CAP JARI (Fingerprint) branded groundnuts

Tear it! (picture below) o.O got groundnuts..

And.. I don't see how this fits in... LOL

*First two pictures drawn by Stripper and last picture drawn by Study Ass*

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Scare Winnie the Pooh Get Fine From Police >.<

Uni Life Chapter 22

Malaysian government has imposed a new rule early this year, making rear seat passengers compulsory to use seat belts. A minimum fine of approximately RM300.00 for not buckling up. There is a lot of money there.. Scary~

So, just for precaution..

Buckle up Pooh!!

Don't want any unnecessary trouble right?

Scare later the policeman come and stop me..

(Bahasa Melayu Version)
Policeman: "Oi.. Apa sal tak pakai tali punggung (pinggang)?"
Me: "Oh? Ada pakai la.. Lu buta kah?"
Policeman: "Itu apa? Lu punya beruang tak pakai la"
Me: "Aiya itu kecik tak payah la.. takan mati punya"
Policeman: "Nono! RM300.00! Beruang I bagi lu discount. RM299.99"

(English Translation / English Version)
Policeman: "Oi.. Why didn't wear seat beat?"
Me: "Oh? Got wear la.. You blind ah?"
Policeman: "Then what is that? Your bear didn't wear la"
Me: "Aiya that one so small la.. won't die one"
Policeman: "Nono! RM300.00! Bear I give you discount. RM299.99"

Good Smile Company Nendoroid Petit Idolmaster

Read more at gsc-mikatan.

Good Smile Company Black Rock Shooter Opened For Reservation

Item Name: Black Rock Shooter
Series: Black Rock Shooter
Company: Good Smile Company
Price: 9,800 Yen
Scale: 1 / 8
Height: Approximately 290mm
Release Date: August 2009

Good Smile Company Miku

Haven't got much details on it yet =)

*more information at gsc-mikatan*

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Figma School Bag

*more information and pictures at figma blog*

E&E Hello And Bye Sign! (R18)

Uni Life Chapter 21

Familiar sign? If you come to my class you can see a lot of this signs LOL.. An international sign where you can use it anywhere and anytime except certain places XD but please use it for the right purpose and at the right time else DON'T use it all. This is how we communicate.. especially in msn.. start and end conversations with 'mIm or mlm or o0o' LOL~

(Applies very well to C.K.W a. k. a. ZhaSeeFatt)

Wave Hiiragi Tsukasa And Hiiragi Kagami School Uniform Version Opened For Reservation

Name: Hiiragi Tsukasa / Hiiragi Kagami
Series: Lucky Star
Company: Wave
Price: 3,675 Yen each
Scale: 1 / 12
Height: Approximately 130mm
Release Date: August 2009

Name: Hiiragi Tsukasa & Hiiragi Kagami
Series: Lucky Star
Company: Wave
Price: 7,140 Yen
Scale: 1 / 12
Height: Approximately 130mm
Release Date: August 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Problems With The 'Older Posts' Function

I did some changes last weekend on my blog template. I only found out today that when the 'older posts' function is pressed it brings you to a page where there are no posts. Did some fixing and changes just after I found out about it. In conclusion, the function is back to normal ^^

Griffon Enterprises Shana Brunet Hair Clear Version Opened For Reservation

Name: Shana
Series: Shakugan No Shana II
Company: Griffon Enterprises
Price: 6,500 Yen
Scale: 1 / 7
Height: Approximately 180mm
Release Date: May 2009

Lack of Parking Lots In Uni

Uni Life Chapter 20

One of the daily problems in Nottingham Malaysia Campus is the lack of parking spaces. Especially during the peak hours, like at 2pm just after lunch break, most students will rush back for classes.

As you can see from the pictures, car parks are full even causing many cars to park at the side and no parking areas.

And.. what the heck is this thing doing there =.= (picture below) We staffs and students already lacking of parking lots.. Plus this vehicle there.. I know it takes up only one slot.. but its been there for days now =.="

Azlan! (head of security) Go clamp it la!!! !@#$% LOL By the way, talking bout Azlan and the gang.. Don't always clamp boys' (male) cars only Zzz..

This is a real story:

Case 1
My friend (boy): Sir, I want to unclamp my car.. This is my first time, can let me go please?
Azlan: No! RM50.00
My friend (boy): Please la sir.. please..
Azlan: RM50.00!

Case 2
My friend (girl, leng lui/ pretty girl): Sir, my first time. Can let me go?~ (with a sweet voice and cute tone)
Azlan: Ok. Next time don't it again k~

What the !@#$%!!!

*no offense on Mr. Azlan*