Saturday, March 14, 2009

My L Story

This is my L story. Hope you enjoy it ^^

Today, L was sick. No mood to do anything. Just lie on the bed with his eyes half close. As I was busy with my university work, I couldn't take care of him.

So, I sent Miku to do the job. Miku looks dependable though :D

Before I left them both, L was more energetic. He was actually smiling o.O

Miku was happy too. Good good. At least both of them are happy I need not worry so much.

However, when I came back. O.O Oh my goodness!!~ What are they two doing in the bed!!?? I see guilty faces =.="


Hope this story is enough to make you smile and take away your stress and worries ^^ Next time will be a better one. Now I'm busy with my uni work. But I want to set some time a side to make you smile =) Have a nice day everyone~


franstormer said...

Loled :P

Conundrum said...

HAHAHAHAAHAH!!!! I LIKE THIIIS!!! DOO MORE!!!! DO MORE!!! HHAHAA! LOVE IT! =D sooooooo cuuuuuute!!!

HappyMooMoo said...

LOL thanks! Will try my best to do more XD

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! hahahahahahahhahah, i cant stop laughing! thanks for the laughter!

HappyMooMoo said...

XD I'm glad you laughed LOL You are very welcome =)

Unknown said...

ROFL XD this is so cuute! <33~

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