Friday, April 3, 2009

Max Factory Figma Signum's Laevatein Schlangenform (Snake Form)

!! I didn't know Figma Signum's Laevatein got snake form. Must get must get!! Must complete my figma Nanoha series collection ^^

*picture taken from figma blog*

Good Smile Company Konjiki No Yami (Golden Darkness) Released

*more information and pictures at gsc-mikatan*

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Friend Said He Found Osama In Uni

Uni Life Chapter 38

LOL! Osama? Or Obama? Confirm not my mama XD I was eating with my friend and he said.. "I think I saw Osama". I said, "Can't be what.. Our Uni got nothing for him to bomb la". He replied, "Really la.. See see..". And I said, "Ooo.. That's his brother la!". LOL!!!~

Well, whether you think he looks like Osama a not. I think he is a good candidate for the Osama Look Alike Contest. XD

Credits to S. A. X. for his picture

Max Factory Figma Hoshimura Makina Released

*more information and pictures at figma blog*

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Myvi, Myvi and Myvi

Uni Life Chapter 37

What a view! Hmm.. Perodua Myvi is becoming more and more common nowadays. Maybe I should send this picture to TheStar :D Try and see whether can get RM50 a not LOL..

Note for Sebastian S. A. X. : Wonder no more.. Thats your car in the middle =.="

Additional note: S. A. X. is not equals to SEX although it sounds the same. That's the short form for his Chinese name =.="

Good Smile Company Nendoroid Petit The Idolmaster Stage 02 Opened For Reservation

Item Name: The Idolmaster Stage 02
Series: The Idolmaster
Company: Good Smile Company
Price: 6,000 Yen (12 boxes), 500 Yen (1 box)
Scale: Non
Height: Approximately 65mm
Release Date: July 2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Signs of Gayness In Class

Uni Life Chapter 36

Picture below shows a couple holding hands. Romantic right?

Both of them are males XD No comment :D

Lacking of females in engineering classes do play as an important factor.

"It feels so nice grabbing his ass!!~ Woo~" =.='

Good Smile Company Nendoroid Zange-Chan Opened For Reservation

Name: Zange-chan
Series: Kannagi
Company: Good Smile Company
Price: 3,500 Yen
Scale: Non
Height: Approximately 100mm
Release Date: July 2009

Max Factory Haruhi Suzumiya Extravaganza Version Released

*more information and pictures at gsc-mikatan*

Monday, March 30, 2009

Max Factory Figma Nagato Yuki Cheerleader Version

How to get Figma Nagato Yuki cheerleader version? Just pluck out Figma Nagato's head from the school uniform version and attach it to Haruhi cheerleader version's body. XD

*more information and pictures at figma-blog*

How To Eat Burgers The 'Study Ass' Way

Uni Life Chapter 35

This is how my friend, Study Ass eats his burger.

First - Remove top layer (bun)
Second - Put some French Fries on top of the meat
Third - Press some chili sauce on it
Fourth - Place back the top layer (bun)

CM's Corporation Takamachi Nanoha Opened For Reservation

Name: Takamachi Nanoha
Series: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers
Company: CM's Corporation
Price: 11,800 Yen
Scale: Non
Height: Approximately 210mm
Release Date: 210mm

*picture taken from Hobby Search*

Good Smile Company Unity May Released

*more information and pictures at gsc-mikatan*