Monday, February 9, 2009

Regret Using Lekas Highway to Semenyih

Anyone who travels to Semenyih from the direction of Kajang Silk, please do NOT use Lekas Highway to Semenyih! Today, as I went to Semenyih from Kajang Silk, there was a road block at the turning to Semenyih. So.. What to do? Another way to Semenyih is through Lekas Highway. Never use the highway before, must as well try it right? :D Plus, I always see their banner along the road written, "Lekasnya ke Semenyih" (So fast to Semenyih).

After the paying RM1.10 at the toll. Smooth driving.. followed the signboard.. turned left.. From far, I could see a structure similar to the previous the toll. "Eh? Didn't I paid the toll just now? Why got another one?". There goes another RM1.10 =.=

In short, paid RM2.20 for the tolls =.=" Even more expensive than SMART tunnel. They really wan to deplete my 'touch n go' card.

Slowly following the signboards..

After awhile, "Where am I? LOL".

Usual technic if you are lost, just follow the crowd!

It seems to be written that Semenyih is 1 kilometer away. But I still don't feel like I'm near it.

Continued to follow signboards..

Reached Semenyih but was really jammed up due to the road blocks. So much for the "Lekasnya ke Semenyih" =.= Its like I went around Semenyih and entered by the backdoor..

I wonder what is the special occasion till all the main roads were blocked. VIP? Maybe the Sultan came to visit our university o.o

Been to Semenyih for more than 2 years.. Sure got a way to evade jams. Went through the housing area. Hmm.. saw the policeman there? (picture below) Should have asked him what happen. But mostly likely he will reply, "Jangan sibuk la, lu pigi balik rumah tidor" (Don't busybody, you go back home sleep) XD

Conclusion, don't use Lekas Highway to Semenyih :D

You can check out Lekas Highway toll rates here

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