Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gundam 00 (Behind the scenes)

Looks familiar? Gundam 00 look stylish? Setsuna standing tall?

Actually.. What Setsuna didn't know it that, his Gundam 00 does not have a function to stand straight at a 45 degrees. Maybe it can with Trans Am mode. For Setsuna, "Nothing is impossible with Trans Am", just need to shout "Trans Am!!~" and press the button to turn redish and pinkish LOL. I wonder why they must always shout the word 'Trans Am' when they go into Trans Am mode. Can't they just keep quiet and press the button? XD

Maybe the picture wasn't plan to be like this. So happen Tieria pressed the wrong button and pushed Gundam 00. Thanks for viewing :D

*picture taken from BSSubs.net*
*I think the picture comes from Eej's blog*

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