Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gundam 00 Characters' Valentine

Valentine Special! Want to know who are the valentines of the Gundam 00 characters? Here goes..

Saji loves Louise. So Louise should be his valentine

Louise still have a heart for Saji. So Saji should be her valentine

Andre loves his mother. So his mother should be his valentine

Since Sergei passed away, it had a great impact on Soma Peries. She loves Sergei.
So Sergei should be her valentine.

Allelujah loves Marie. So Marie should be his valentine.

Lockon loves Anew. So Anew should be his valentine.

Ok.. Happy with it so far? The best is yet to come. Let's move on..

Tieria loves Veda. So Veda should be his valentine. lol?

This one better..

Setsuna loves his gundam. LOL. So Gundam 00 should be his valentine?
"Come on la. This guy no life.. only he and his gundam =.=
At least say Marina also not so bad.. "

This one is the best..

Mr. Bushido.. loves.. Setsuna.. o.O WHAT THE !@#$%???!!!

*last picture was edited*

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