Saturday, February 7, 2009

Malaysian Drivers

Few days back, I went to AF hobby to collect my figma Hayate. As usual at the junction where I turn in to Pandan Indah will always have a long queue. But this queue at this particular traffic light is very special. Because of the long time interval (approximately 6 minutes) for the traffic light to change from red to green and a short time interval for the traffic light to change from green to yellow to red, only a few number of cars managed to cross over. Therefore, what make this spot so special is that the space in between the cars lining the queue is very near. WHY? This is too avoid 'queue jumpers' who like to squeeze in the gap due to impatience.

At first there was a proton wira, signalling to squeeze in but found no opportunity. However, after a minute or so, there was this 'brave soul' who stop infront of the divider between the queue and the turning to the left.

As you can see, the proton satria was waiting at the divider.

Soon, the traffic light turned green. And guess what. Another 'brave soul' came along =.=

Are these people inconsiderate or what? It is very unfair to those people waited behind for so long. Maybe they are in the hurry. But I too was in the hurry. Skies were dark and I surely don't want my Hayate to be wet XD. Or maybe they were in a state of emergency. But in Malaysia, you can see all these happen quite often. Don't tell me all are having emergencies?? Anyway, I'm in no position to judge, just want to share ^.^ have a nice day!!~

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