Wednesday, February 4, 2009

EE Student Almost Kill Classmate With Foot Odor

Uni Life Chapter 4

Usually, my friend and I do not sit too 'front' in the class as we tend to talk more than we listen to the lecturer. Today, being 'good students', my friend and I thought we should sit in the front row, so that we could concentrate better on the lectures. But sadly we did not know that bad phenomena is ahead of us.

The picture below shows the feet of one of our classmate.

If you can't seem to find his feet, I have provided a larger picture on his feet. Sorry for the low resolution pictures as I took this pictures with my phone.

Maybe you are wondering.. So? What's wrong with his feet? "Looks ok to me". Well, too bad there ain't any equipments to capture the smell of his feet. There was no problem with the smell of the place until he arrived lol. At first my friend told me that the person's feet next to him is giving his nose a big problem. I replied him, "Izit? I din smell anything also". I was really really wrong! In just a matter of time, his killing smell has reached my nose =.=" That was before he lifted up his feet as shown in the picture above. It was even worse after he lifted up his feet! o.O Its like he was 'powering up' his spell.

Ok here comes the funny part. For simplicity I will name the person, Mr. A who had problem with his feet odor. So Mr. A, not realising that he was smelling the smell from his own feet, turned around to his classmates behind and said. "Hey, I smell something funny" (in a questioning tone). We were stunned!!! We were like WAT THE??? !@#$%!!!

This is a picture of my friend sitting next to me which is near to Mr. A. We bared the smell for 1 hour man! Worse than living in the rubbish bin! =.=" LOL

*This post is not to condemn anyone*

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