Monday, February 2, 2009

First Day of Second Sem For First Year

Uni Life Chapter 1

Today is the first day of second semester for my first year in undergraduate (Electrical and Electronic Engineering). As usual, class will be boring. Look left.. Look right.. 80% guys LOL. So, if anyone can't stand having so many guys in class, DO NOT APPLY FOR ENGINEERING! (except chemical engineering XD). My culture, first week of class, full attendance. My attendance decreases by 10% each week. Here is the equation,

my current attendance = A
my previous week's attendance = B
my constant decrease in attendance = Q = 10% = 0.1

A = QB

For those who are wondering which university is this.. This place is in The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. ^.^

After lunch, attended Introduction to Circuits & Fields class by Dr. Selvan. Very motivated lecturer. His teaching was quite good compared to some others XD. However, when he teaches he likes to 'dance' with his head and eyes. So instead of calling him Dr. Selvan, we should call him Dr. 'Siaowan'. LOL.

*Apologies, no offense to any related party*

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