Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dota Lessons Instead of Introduction to Electrical Engineering Lessons

Uni Life Chapter 3

Again.. when E & E students get bored.. We really do real crazy stuffs. Instead of listening to the lesson on Introduction to Electrical Engineering, my friend, Chan start to think of DotA. As our lecturer started drawing coils and magnetic flux, he started drawing DotA items and hero ability. His first masterpiece..

Chan's version (Storm Bolt)
Next he started his drawing on DotA items.

Chan's Version (Divine Rapier)
Chan's Version (The Butterfly)
Chan's Version (Monkey King Bar)

All drawings are drawn on the university class table during lectures. If you want to rate his drawing and accuracy of the information, please feel free to leave some comments ^.^

*pictures in even number order was taken from dota-allstars.com*

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