Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lack of Parking Lots In Uni

Uni Life Chapter 20

One of the daily problems in Nottingham Malaysia Campus is the lack of parking spaces. Especially during the peak hours, like at 2pm just after lunch break, most students will rush back for classes.

As you can see from the pictures, car parks are full even causing many cars to park at the side and no parking areas.

And.. what the heck is this thing doing there =.= (picture below) We staffs and students already lacking of parking lots.. Plus this vehicle there.. I know it takes up only one slot.. but its been there for days now =.="

Azlan! (head of security) Go clamp it la!!! !@#$% LOL By the way, talking bout Azlan and the gang.. Don't always clamp boys' (male) cars only Zzz..

This is a real story:

Case 1
My friend (boy): Sir, I want to unclamp my car.. This is my first time, can let me go please?
Azlan: No! RM50.00
My friend (boy): Please la sir.. please..
Azlan: RM50.00!

Case 2
My friend (girl, leng lui/ pretty girl): Sir, my first time. Can let me go?~ (with a sweet voice and cute tone)
Azlan: Ok. Next time don't it again k~

What the !@#$%!!!

*no offense on Mr. Azlan*

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