Sunday, March 1, 2009

Olympus micro1010 Obtained

Finally!! I got my new camera!! Olympus u1010 (u used as micro)!! Replacement for the old spoiled camera. Many thanks to my parents and my brother!!

Parents' money for my birthday + brother's money for my birthday + my money from figure sales + my money from my savings = Olympus u1010

Sorry for the long equation LOL cause I'm not rich XD and my birthday is still a long way to go by the way lol..

Brief specs:
10.1 Mega pixels
7x Optical Zoom
2.7" LCD Monitor
Dual Image Stabilization
Face Detection
Shadow Adjustment

I also bought an additional LI-50B Lithium Ion Battery and tripod ^^

Obviously the camera is not inside LOL cause I'm using it to take this picture ^^

Simply did some testing..

Of course it can't be compared with SLR. But its good enough for people like me XD

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