Thursday, March 5, 2009

Scare Winnie the Pooh Get Fine From Police >.<

Uni Life Chapter 22

Malaysian government has imposed a new rule early this year, making rear seat passengers compulsory to use seat belts. A minimum fine of approximately RM300.00 for not buckling up. There is a lot of money there.. Scary~

So, just for precaution..

Buckle up Pooh!!

Don't want any unnecessary trouble right?

Scare later the policeman come and stop me..

(Bahasa Melayu Version)
Policeman: "Oi.. Apa sal tak pakai tali punggung (pinggang)?"
Me: "Oh? Ada pakai la.. Lu buta kah?"
Policeman: "Itu apa? Lu punya beruang tak pakai la"
Me: "Aiya itu kecik tak payah la.. takan mati punya"
Policeman: "Nono! RM300.00! Beruang I bagi lu discount. RM299.99"

(English Translation / English Version)
Policeman: "Oi.. Why didn't wear seat beat?"
Me: "Oh? Got wear la.. You blind ah?"
Policeman: "Then what is that? Your bear didn't wear la"
Me: "Aiya that one so small la.. won't die one"
Policeman: "Nono! RM300.00! Bear I give you discount. RM299.99"

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