Tuesday, March 10, 2009

E&E's Low Level Prank

Uni Life Chapter 26

As we enter our class and sat at our places. There was this drawing on the table. Probably drawn by Mechanical Engineering students as their class was just before us. We don't know who drew this picture but one thing we know.. is to relate this picture to someone XD

Victim of the week: CKW a.k.a. ZhaSeeFatt (Grab backside)

The information censored was his university student ID, his university log in ID, and his cellphone number. Listed down some services he can provide.. After a while, we read back.. Not very interesting right? Let's add some more!

Here we have it, the extra information LOL.

And when we engineering students make or do pranks on people, we REALLY MAKE SURE nobody try to destroy or erase it. For low level pranks like this, we just use UHU glue (use to stick papers). Apply it on the writings.. Now.. Nobody dare to erase it! It will make their eraser dirty and sticky and smelly and etc etc~ LOL~

*Did not take a picture of the writings after applying glue due to the undetectable effects by the camera*


Conundrum said...

HAHAHA! THAT'S SO SMART!!! *should use this idea too* I never ever thought of doing that using UHU glue!! hahaha!!

HappyMooMoo said...

LOL! You should try it! Haha! Thanks. But I would like to give the credit to my friend, WSS. His idea by the way XD but the UHU was mine =P

Unknown said...

LOL!!! =_=

I saw the name Kowei....

HappyMooMoo said...

XD yes you did LOL Must leave his name there to make it interesting right? :D

Unknown said...


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