Monday, March 9, 2009

The Cuteness of Flandre~

Flandre (フランドル Furandoru)
  • Voiced by: Shiho Kawaragi
A gynoid in the service of Hime. She is sometimes nicknamed "Flan;" she is small, and incredibly strong, as well as seemingly invincible. Although she puts on the same expression all the time, she knows when her friends are in danger. She assists Hime in moving objects and occasionally she helps Hiro. She only says one word: "Hooba" in the English version, "Fuga" (or sometimes Huga depending on the translation) in the Japanese. She has a special function in her eyes to view hard-to-see things, her vision has a German language HUDand she knows how to drive vehicles. Being a gynoid, her weight is a few tons and she runs out of power and needs recharging. Flandre can be seen recharging in a borg alcove (Star Trek) in the manga. Some translations name her as "Furandre". She is possibly a reference to Frankenstein's Monster.
In the anime special, she went berserk when she wound up with a screw loose. Emil got Flanders to remedy that and prevented her from self-destructing.
description taken from wikipedia

Haruhi can't beat Flandre's cuteness!

Kyon's sister may be on par with Flandre :D

No comments for froggy Mikuru XD

Kawaii na~

Hontou ni kawaii~

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