Thursday, March 12, 2009

Love Letter? Love SMS?

Uni Life Chapter 27

This is what happens when we have too many males in the class. A little bit of hormone distortion and we will see males sending love messages to males. Caught red handed!! LOL~

Manage to take a picture of my friend's message. This message was sent to him.

This was the message sent back.


Unknown said...

Kowei? xD~~~

HappyMooMoo said...

Kowei isn't always the main character though XD Just go around and check to see whose phone is similar to the above picture. Lol

Conundrum said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! that's soooooooooooo romantic =P hahahah!!!

HappyMooMoo said...

Romantic le. Direct confession XD

Unknown said...


HappyMooMoo said...

Hope you are not jealous.. XD

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