Friday, February 27, 2009

My Durex Story (R18)

Uni Life Chapter 16


World's Number 1 Condom Brand

Have you seen a Durex from Thailand before? If you haven't, this might help..

Front View

Rear View
It seems to write DUREX KINGTEX o.O

So, what I'm gonna do is, test whether this Durex brand is really the world's number one condom brand.

Easy to tear packaging.. In case of emergency XD

Well.. this one comes in pink

Wouldn't a skin coloured be more appropriate? LOL or clear colour..

Very slimy.. Why? For easy attachment! XD

The diameter is approximately 3.5cm. Very big? Or too small? Depends on who you are!

Length before stretch is approximately 2.5cm. Hmm.. the length doesn't really matter. Remember! Its always stretchable! Pink UFO la!! XD

Still haven't got a picture of how big or how small it is?? Let me help you by comparing it with a hula hoop. Helped? Too small? It wouldn't be if you try it on! LOL Most likely it will be an exact fit I guess..

Stretch!! Stretch!! Lets see how long this world class condom can go!!

LOL Remarkable length!! Longer than my 15cm ruler. Is this really for Asians?? We, Asians can always roll it up.. Hor?? XD By the way, its not really stretching.. Just the length. We shall see how it really stretches in the next few pictures ^^

Ok, now let's get serious about stretching.

Fill it!! Fill it!! Just water by the way XD

Its growing bigger o.O

More!! More!!

Still can!! It still can take it!!

Push it to its limits!!

Its not called the world's number one condom for nothing!! Fill IT!!

Some more!! Some more!!

O.O Oh my goodness!!~

They really engineered this condom for worst case senario!

What can we learn from here? When you forgot your big water bottle to store up water for your long journey.. There is always a portable water container where you can keep it in your wallet. XD

This is how it looks like at the tip

Next quality control.. Can it withstand gravitional force??

Tied it up after removing half of the amount of water stored.

Before it was carried.. Boom!! Boom!! Broom!! Broom!! Actually it was the neighbour trying to start his bike. LOL. It did explode but it didn't sound like that. XD

Failed the last test. Fortunately, it was only water and not something that it was meant to contain. If not, I will have phobia when I see the word Durex. :D

In conclusion, choose the right one. Check the quality. Remember.. Pay more, REGRET less!

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