Thursday, February 26, 2009

The 'LAH' T-Shirt

Uni Life Chapter 15

Malaysian culture, always end the sentence with 'Lah'. So my friend from Indonesia, trying to get used to our 'Lah' culture, wore a 'Lah' t-shirt. May be he should wear it the other way round so he also can read those words XD Or may be not. If he wanted to say 'No Sweat Lah', he just turn around and point to the words on his back LOL.. Or "Read the first line!"

No sweat lah!
Also can lah!
Please lah!
Don't worry lah!
Be happy lah!
Sit down lah!
Don't like that lah!
Aiya, give up lah!
O.K. lah!
Tidak apa lah!
Take it easy lah!

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