Friday, February 27, 2009

1 / 1 Scale M16

I was wondering whether I should call it M16 (indicated by the box) because it doesn't look like one. It looks more to M4 than M16. M16 usually does not come with an adjustable butt stock (Correct me if I'm wrong ^^). So, I think I will called it M4. My brother got this M4 for me quite some time ago from ToyCity. It costs about RM59.90.

It comes with a flashlight, a laser pointer, batteries for laser pointer, an adjustable butt stock, a strap, main body of M4, and instructions

It suppose to produce a vibration and sound when the trigger is pressed. Wanted it due to its near similarity to a replica, not for the sound XD

Comparison with my 1 / 6 scale M4

Sadly, my 1 / 1 scale M4 can't eject its magazine >.< So does most of the replicas in Malaysia and Singapore. Scared too real? :D Even my 1 / 6 scale M4 has removable magazines.

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