Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Reasons Why You Should Park Your Car Properly - Part 3

Uni Life Chapter 41

As I promised, I will tell about the piece of paper on the windscreen of the Proton Wira. At first when I saw the paper, I thought that fellow sure 'kena' flame already LOL Cause got one time someone park at the entrance of the turning, blocking everyone from turning. So the students all wrote alot of bad stuffs on the papers and stick it on the person's car XD

I didn't bother to pull out the paper and take a picture of it. But I manage to peep and see what was written on the paper :D

It was written.. "Please contact me about your car" LOL? I thought what happen.. Someone want to give a long lecture to this fellow driver here on how to park his car? Or may be want bash him up XD

Actually the Proton Wira 'kena langgar' (got knocked) =.=" So.. To all drivers please park your car carefully or you will see papers on your windscreen. But sometimes also no paper.. This is what they call 'hit and run' XD

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Anonymous said...

He car was aching for hit. I personally won't give a shit... :p

Bravo for the Wira!

HappyMooMoo said...

Haha! That's what most people will do. Cause it seems like its the driver of the Wira's fault. This means the person who wrote on the paper is very kind? XD

Anonymous said...

silly kind

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