Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Reasons Why You Should Park Your Car Properly - Part 2

Uni Life Chapter 40

Continuation from Part 1. Guess what.. After a few minutes, a Mercedes-Benz tried to squeeze in the parking lot =.=" Don't know how the driver did it.. Trying to be in the box and at the same time trying to avoid contact with the Proton Wira.

But still very close.. Not scare scratched ar? Benz wor.. XD Later people open door.. Bang! Paint come out.. $$ come out.. then tears also come out LOL

The driver of the Mercedes-Benz is very considerate. Thinking about others, trying not taking up the next parking lot. But the driver of the Myvi here, decided to grab whats available LOL

Better take up some parking spaces than to have scratches right? :D Truly Malaysian!

So, the reason why you should park your car properly. Cause.. It will decrease the available parking lots!! We must be more considerate of others. Don't take two parking lots with one car. Even though you did not take up two lots but crossed the line a little, it will cause the next car to park further and further away after each car. The Myvi is just only a car away from the un-properly parked car, and it is taking too much space of the next lot. XD

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Anonymous said...

to avoid scratch? if i could, i would leave some scratch for the driver... :-p

HappyMooMoo said...

XD You mean the Proton Wira? Hmm.. that car got something worse than scratches LOL Will show you in part 3 ^^

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