Sunday, March 22, 2009

Best Wishes To Woan Wei, Our DotA Kaki

Uni Life Chapter 31

This is dedicated to our DotA kaki, Woan Wei. She got audition at Student Association Building (S.A.) on Tuesday at 1pm to 2pm. She is calling everyone to support her. So for those who know her please do support her. If she win first place.. Woan Wei! You better buy us lunch LOL

Woan Wei
she say hey
can you come all the way
to S.A.
on Tuesday
I told her she is crazy
cause I'm very busy
and lazy
I call her ask Kowei
but most likely he will say
what he always say
'You DAMN STUPID ar I tell you'
then she say
she got audition on that day
so I say okay
I hope she don't sing all the way
to Mumbay
and make the audience feel so gay
by the way
she say I need to pay
to vote her to the first place
well.. since she is Woan Wei
and not Kowei
I think I will turn up on that day
All the best to Woan Wei

Written by Jonnwk (HappyMooMoo)

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