Thursday, March 26, 2009

Alter Fate T. Harlaown True Sonic Form Opened For Reservation

Name: Fate T. Harlaown
Series: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers
Company: Alter
Price: 12,800 Yen
Scale: 1 / 7
Height: Approximately 350mm
Release Date: August 2009

*picture taken from Hobby Search*


Anonymous said...

I need to rob a bank, just like what the Joker did.

Anyone in?

Unknown said...



HappyMooMoo said...

@Enrius: LOL!! Not rob Good Smile Factory? XD or Alter etc etc. Enrius, you got Alter Hayate? Plan to get her but pain >.< Cause I pre-ordered Saber Lily..

@Haster: I also want >.< but not nice without the others. So.. if I want Alter Fate. I need to collect.. Rein, Vita, Signum, Subaru, Teana, and Hayate. Plus Shamal and Nanoha later >.<"!! Don't know when Vivio will come out o.O

Anonymous said...

Rob bank for future purchase lol.

Alter Hayate is painful... 400++... I also PO-ed Saber Lily... and BRS... so... T.T

HappyMooMoo said...

LOL.. I hope in prison got internet hahaha!!

O.O BRS also you PO O.O *respect* I PO Saber Lily now sudah bankrupt =.="

Anonymous said...

Need to be superbly budget now... Just now went to Graffiti Toys at BTS, stare at Nanael (RM190) for at least half an hour, in the end still not dare buy. T.T

HappyMooMoo said...

Oo LOL. I also went BTS Graffiti Toys just now o.O What time you went?

Anonymous said...

OMG, around 2-3pm I think, I was the guy in green shirt and a backpack. LOL. Maybe we met but dunno each other!

HappyMooMoo said...

I left there around 2 something. Ya maybe we met XD Graffiti Toys Gundam stocks so many o.o I was so tempted LOL

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