Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What E&E Nottingham Students Do During Lectures And Breaks

Uni Life Chapter 8

Today, I would like to show some reviews of what some E&E Nottingham students do in uni.

During lectures..

Came to class, sat in the first row (most front) with reasons that they (Cuci & ZhaSeeFatt) need to concentrate more on lectures. After some time, half asleep..

Soon.. Zzzz LOL?

During breaks..

This is what the 'study asses' do during breaks. Short nap. Ten minutes is enough to regenerate their concentration.

E&E Nottingham definition of 'study ass': A person who studies till the ass also studying.

Hmm.. What about Cuci and ZhaSeeFatt?? They went to toilet and came out with 'Body Gloves' t-shirt. XD

Special: Short history of how ZhaSeeFatt got his name

Actually ZhaSeeFatt is his Garena account or previously known as GG Client. It all started when he wanted to created a new account that starts with the letter Z. So it will be easier for him / me to tunnel because after arrangging the names in alphabetical order, Z is the easiest to find. After some thinking, he found a good name. 'Zhasifat' which is translated 'Grab backside'. Zhasifat would be too vulgar if you would say. Change abit.. that's how he got his nickname ZhaSeeFatt. LOL

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