Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Student Hitting on Lecturer

Uni Life Chapter 29

Woo~ Look what I got here. Although this a low resolution picture due to the enhancement of the image, this picture caught a student trying to hit on our mathematics lecturer o.O When the break was given, this fellow here quickly ran to our lecturer LOL. As if he TAK BOLEH TAHAN~ (CANNOT CONTROL~). From the picture you can see he was trying to run away because he found out that we were trying to take a picture of him XD Well.. too bad we already got the evidence.. And guess what.. His picture now is on the internet!!!


Unknown said...

I know who's that~~

Everyone know who's that!!

Dont't need pic...juz need to tell us which year and what course =)

HappyMooMoo said...

LOL.. by the way.. today someone ask me who is the person in the pic HAHAHA!! Means you are half wrong. Sorry can't tell you.. Scare later he wan sue me XD already threaten me that day =P

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