Friday, January 30, 2009

Trip to Berjaya Times Square

I went to Berjaya Times Square today. Since it is Chinese new year season, the place was decorated with lots of new year decorations.

There they have almost everything. Big Chinese lanterns etc etc. But one thing they lack was angpow. I walked there for so many hours and no one gave me any angpow. LOL

Of course, the first toy shop I will visit is XL-Shop.

XL has increased their figure stocks since my last visit. Saw many figures but didn't had a chance to capture it on camera. Figures like Kagami Sumika, Aoi Kannaduki, Haruka Minaduki, Benisu, Rudy, Saber (Fate Zero), and etc were on the shelf.

Well, XL is still one of my favourite shops. I have been to Uncle Loong's shop since I was young. If I remember correctly that time uncle open his shop in desa setapak. Always having a look at his shop as I am staying nearby. Just before he shifted, XL (that time was called Xiao Loong Shop) had a christmas promotion. Again if I remembered correctly, for any resit above RM150 or RM100, will be entitled to a lucky draw. His lucky draw was a great one. I got Ayanami Rei resin kit (still having it with me now ^^) for the first resit and a disc (given away T.T) for the second resit.
*Sorry if some my facts ain't correct cause it has been quite some time ago*

I did not went in Anime Tech though. Just passed by and went to graffiti toys. Anime Tech did had some bad comments by the way.

Hmm.. As I was taking the picture of the shop, this handsome boy was standing there. So, I had no choice but to blur his face using photoshop to protect his identity lol.

I think Graffiti Toys has the most toys in Berjaya Times Square. However, some said that not all are genuine. I'm not making any bad statements here. All I can say is, whether it is true or not, do check it out yourself :D it would be a nice experience. Graffiti Toys are more into gundams, transformers, some trading figures, not much on figures although they do have it.

Next stop is S&J. This shop is fill with cute and funny stuffs. And quite an amount of be@rbricks. I also saw bootleg death note nendoroids. So far I had visited two S&J shops and both of the shops have bootleg nendoroids. But their bootleg nendoroids are limited only to death notes series (L, Yagami Light, Aname Misa, Ryuk). Maybe in future they might have other series. I did not visit TM today. Well, for those who know what I'm talking about, I did experienced the same things that you guys experienced.

Thats all for my trip today. Have a nice day~

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