Monday, June 8, 2009

Malaysia Boleh! Boleh Censored..

Summer Break Life Chapter 2

Check this out!~

I assume this van is transporting 'VISS' products.

Nice advertisements around the van. But there is something weird about this one.

Can't figure it out? It seems that the model in the picture wore a very mini skirt. Or she didn't wear at all due to the blouse which also covers the lower part of the body.

So, fearing Malaysians might get a little bit naughty just by looking at the picture. Some 'creative people' use some duct tape to 'make' a short skirt for the model =.="

Nicely done? Well, Malaysia boleh ma.. Semua pun boleh! (Everything also can!)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reserve Forest Cut Down?

Summer Break Life Chapter 1

Went to chop down some forest yesterday XD It feels great man!



Fortunately for me, the whole forest was able to fit in the garbage bag :D

Oh well, it was some mini 'forest' in the front yard of the rented house

Love nature, protect nature, be nature.. LOL

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer Project 1 (Gundam GP01)

Summer break has arrived! And I should get myself busy with some model kits :D Well, I guess I will start off with Gundams since the stocks are increasing but none of them seems to be out on display XD

Its been a while since I touch the tools, equipments, materials, etc etc.. Don't really remember where I kept them. Did some digging.. Dig here and there..

So many bottles of paints in the toolbox? Still got dozens of them in the cupboard =.=" Don't even want to count the worth of it. Scare later regret spending so much on paints XD

Guess what =.=" I don't have GP01 decals.. Have to order from Samuel Decal then..

Anyway, found back most of the stuffs. Its everywhere =.="

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Uni Life Chapter 50

Yo yo! I'm back! Just finish my last paper yesterday. As for the last Uni Life Chapter, number 50, I will release some of my collections XD Please note that these pictures are rare and hard to get LOL.. I want to apologize to my friends whose pictures are here, if you feel uncomfortable about this. Please feel free to let me know ^^

Friday, May 1, 2009

Toys Works Collection 2.5 Toradora!

Series: Toradora
Company: Toys Works
Price: 8,160 Yen, 12 boxes (680 Yen each)
Scale: Non
Height: Approximately 70mm
Release Date: August 2009
Details: 10 kinds + 1 secret

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rempit In Cyber Cafe?

Uni Life Chapter 49

LOL! After DotA-ing in cybercafe I saw this fellow.. Sorry for the low quality picture. So for those who didn't get it. He was wearing his motorbike helmet while playing in cybercafe.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No More Parking Lah!

Uni Life Chapter 48

Lunch time! Who driving? Everybody shake their heads.. Why? Don't want drive cause don't want waste petrol? No no no.. Wrong wrong.. Don't want to drive cause later come back no parking space =.=" LOL

Our honourable friend. Drove his adorable friends. Came back so miserable. Cause have to park on the horrible grass. XD